Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.

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Concussion Training

  • It is state law to be trained on concussions. Please follow the link below and take the training and send a PDF of the certificate to the President of the league once you are done.

Little League Pitching Forms


Additional Documentation


Website Instructions

All Star Information



The Town reserves the right to close and deny use of any field based on poor field conditions. In the event of a field closure due to poor field conditions or inclement weather, the renter will be refunded the rental fee for that day(s) upon request. To maintain safe and playable field conditions, fields may not be used and activities must be cancelled when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Standing water or puddles are present on any part of the playing area
  • Steady rain is falling and/or the ground is saturated, not providing suitable footing
  • Turf is easily dislodged and/or mud/dirt clings to shoes
  • Snow or frost exist (no snow removal allowed)
  • Grass is sparse or badly worn

During in-house seasons, the weather hotline is updated by 4:00pm on weekdays and 8:00am on weekends with cancellation information if necessary. The weather hotline is accessible by calling 303.926.2550 option 4 or by visiting Renters must cancel activities if there is a cancellation notice. If there is not a cancellation notice, it is still the renter’s responsibility to check and monitor field conditions and cancel if necessary.


Lightning Policy

Weather patterns can be monitored by using a StrikeAlert Lightning Detector, the WeatherBug Smartphone App, or other credible options. The strike distance determines any delay or cancellation:

  • 12+ miles away: Continue to monitor the weather pattern
  • 6-12 miles away: Closely monitor the weather pattern. Should lightning strike within 6 miles, all activities need to be put on a 20-minute weather delay.
  • 0-6 miles away: All activities need to be placed on a 20-minute weather delay and instruct all in attendance to seek shelter immediately. Personal vehicles or substantial buildings are encouraged.
  • In the event of a weather delay, check nearest lightning strike location 15 minutes after the weather delay began. If the nearest lightning strike is within 6 miles, activities can resume in 5 minutes provided there are no new strikes within 6 miles