Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.

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  1. Must my child have baseball experience to play in CCLL?
    • ​Answer:
      • No, we take players of all experience levels.  And with 3-4 contacts per week, kids learn at a very fast rate!
  2. What are the dates for the season?
    • Answer:
      • Registration typically begins in December
      • Player evaluations are in late February and practices start in early March.
      • The first game is early April and we typically play through the first week in June. 
      • All Stars (for Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Junior divisions only) will start the week of June 16th.
  3. When is the end of season bracketed play?
    • Answer:
      • Rookies are typically scheduled for the last week of May
      • Minors/Majors are typically scheduled for the first week in June
      • Intermediates/Juniors do not have end of season bracketed play
  4. How many coaches can be on a given team?
    • Answer: For draft purposes in Minors and above, there will only be two official coaches per team, one manager and one coach. Additional coaches are welcome to participate, but their children must be drafted onto the team.
  5. Is this league for boy’s only?
    • Answer: No, we invite and encourage girls to participate.
  6. What days will practice and games be on?
    • Answer: It depends.
      • There will be practice and games Monday through Friday evenings and Saturdays. We cannot honor practice request times or days.
      • Schedules will be posted early in March once the number of teams for the season is known
      • The practice and game schedule will generally change throughout the season. Field availability, daylight, and weather play an big role in setting our schedule.
      • Teams are generally formed with 12 to 13 players to help with conflicts that may arise due to the variable schedule
  7. How many days will there be practice and games?
    • Answer: Rookies we generally keep to 3 contacts a week for practices and games and 4 times a week for the other divisions.
      • In the first couple weeks of the season, there will be only practices and then after Opening Day both games and practices will be incorporated in the same week.
      • As the season progresses, there will be progressively more games than practices each week.
      • Pratices are generally 1 to 1 and a half hours. Games are typically 1 and a half to 2 hours.
  8. Will rained out games be rescheduled?
    • Answer: Most games are typically rescheduled, though it depends on weather and field availability throughout the season.
      • The league will ensure that all teams play the required minimum number of games to qualify players for All-Stars. This is typically 12 games per team though the league always schedules more than this to account for bad weather.
  9. Didn't find your question answered?
    • Refer to our Registration Frequently Asked Questions page to see if it is answered there.
    • Many division questions can be answered by our Divisions of Play page
    • For All-Stars questions, refer to our All-Star page
    • If not, send email to for more information.

Tryout/Evaluations FAQ

  1. What will be done in the even to of bad weather?
    • Answer: Please check the CCLL website and your email. We will update both in the case we have to postpone tryouts due to bad weather.
  2. Must my child attend evaluations?
    • Answer: We ask that all players attend tryouts, even if they participated in CCLL last year.
      • Kids are not placed on the same team as they were the previous year.
      • We use the tryout data so we can balance the skill level of all teams.
      • If your child has no evaluation score, they will not be eligible to be drafted by coaches and will instead be assigned to a team by the Player Agent.
      • If your child is request to play up or play in Intermediate, they must attend evaluations.
  3. What should my child bring to tryouts?
    • Answer: They will need their ball glove, bat, helmet and cleats if they have them unless the tryout is indoors. If you don't have a bat or helment, don't worry there will be some on hand for use
  4. Must I attend the time slot shown for my child?
    • Answer: Answer: No, but to avoid congestion, we recommend your child attend his/her time slot. But we understand everyone has different commitments and allow this flexibility.