Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.

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Registration Help


To Register a player in CCLL please follow these steps:

  1. Click Register Online on top horizontal menu bar
  2. On the pop-up vertical menu, click Register Online link
  3. Read Registration Page details
  4. Scroll down to and select the division in which you want to enroll your child
    • See more information on our divisions of play here and you can validate your child league age here
  5. Confirm Division of Play by clicking Continue
  6. Sign In or Create Account if you are not an existing member or do not have a log inLogin Screen
  7. If you forgot your password, you can enter your email under Sign In, and then click forgot password?
  8. In Register Family Member screen, either click an existing child or click Add Participant, you can also add Guardians at this point 
    • NOTE: Members cannot have numers or symbols in their name.
  9. In member verifcation screen, validate all info is correct for the participant, click Submit
  10. Read all registration details, accepts all league agreements and finally click Submit.  If you have errors on the page, the page will indicate where the errors exist.
  11. Once registered you will be take to payment page where you can:
    • Make full payment
    • Make partial payment via payment plan, or
    • Defer payment to later date (if paying by check, or applying for grant/scholarship)
  12. That should conclude your registration.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Updated: 1/21/21