Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.
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Contact as a few tickets may become available

Coal Creek Little League Day at the Rockies

Sunday, May 5th, 2019 @ 1:10 PM vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Once again, the Colorado Rockies Baseball Organization has invited Coal Creek Little League to participate in the pregame parade Sunday, May 5th, 2019. This invitation also includes special group ticket prices, a scoreboard message welcoming CCLL to Coors Field, and an opportunity to raise money for the league.


Tickets are $20 each. We encourage you to purchase your tickets through the CCLL website - Tickets are SOLD OUT.  We will seat family, coaches and players of each respective team together. If you have players on different teams, please complete a separate online order for each team you would like tickets with. 


We hope you can join us.  Everyone has a great time and the kids and families get to know each other “off the field”. Bring your family and friends (and cameras), so they can watch you on the field and on the big screen, and, so we can all cheer our Colorado Rockies on to victory.


Email   with any questions


If you are a CCLL player and would like to walk around Coors Field with your teammates before the start of the game, you:   

  • Must be in FULL UNIFORM (No Cleats).

  • Must have your game ticket

  • Must be lined up along the pedestrian walkway in Lot A (22nd/Wazee). We want all the teams to walk around the field together so look for the CCLL sign

  • Must review the Colorado Rockies Pregame Parade document 

  • Your group staging area is Section TBD.  Please reference the map below for location.


  • Must be on your best behavior (disruptive players will not be allowed on the field)

  • Must remain with your team from arrival until your coach leads you back to your seats

  • Coaches only need their team ball caps, they do not have to be in uniform

  • No autographs while on the field

  • PLEASE NOTE:  We have had some issues with kids leaning over the rails and spitting on people below them.  Please let your team know that if any members of the group are caught doing this, they will be escorted from the ballpark.  This could also lead to the league/team losing pre-game parade privileges in the future.

  • Two coaches or parental volunteers will be allowed onto the field per team. Be sure you are aware of, and in compliance with the Coors Field backpack and carry in policy.