Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.
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Updated: 1/20/21 @ 10am

Upon registration, all players/parents must agree to our 2021 COVID-19 Policy!  
This policy is subject to change and coaches and players are expected to meet current policy found here.


Coal Creek Little League COVID-19 Policy

  1. All players and coaches must wear masks when 6 foot distance cannot be maintained
    • Players in the field do not need to wear masks
  2. Players & coaches will stay home if they are sick or do not feel well
    •  You should not “try it” and error on the side of caution
  3. Players & coaches will not attend team activities if they come into direct contact with someone infected with COVID-19, or sent home from school due to contact tracing
    • If your child has a negative test after contact and will no longer come in contact with the infected individual they can return
    • Your child can also return with written approval from their Doctor provided to and approved by the CCLL BoDs
  4. Players & coaches will not attend team activities if they come into direct contact with someone suspected of being infected with COVID-19
    • If that person has a negative test, your child can return
    • If that person has a positive test, refer to the above rule
    • Your child can also return with a note from their Doctor
  5. If a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19, they may not attend team functions
    • After a 10 day quarantine they can return with approval from a healthcare professional
    • You may return with a negative test
  6. Players & coaches will maintain social distance when possible
  7. Volunteers & coaching staff will wear masks when social distancing is not possible
  8. Players should not share water bottles
  9. Players may not eat food in the dugout during a game, including seeds, gum, or other similar products
  10. Players & coaches should sanitize hands before practice/games
  11. Parents and spectators should practice social distancing guidelines as determined by the state and the local municipality. Parents are strongly encouraged to drop their kids off at practice versus spectating
  12. The area between dugouts is reserved for players during games. Spectators can sit along the outfield lines.
  13. All player bags should be kept outside the dugout to encourage social distancing if possible
  14. Players should have their own bat and helmet.
    • Bats and helmets will be available for checkout for the season to players requesting them.
  15. Catchers gear must be sanitized when switching player. Each team will receive two sets to help with sharing.
  16. No hand-shaking or high fives. Teams can acknowledge one another by tipping their cap after a game.
  17. CCLL is not liable for failure of individuals not adhering to these guidelines

Guidelines will be adjusted as necessary throughout the season for effectiveness or if/when government guidance changes