Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of our community to play baseball in Lafayette and Erie Colorado. Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork amongst the players.

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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we receive during the registration season. If you have a question not covered here or in our general registration information, please send an email to .


  1. My child is eligible for one division, can they play up?
    • Answer: Maybe. Playing up depends on a couple of main factors:
      • First is availability; there must be an open spot. Whether or not there is an open spot is not know until after player evaluations. It is only at this time that the league can accurately gauge how many players, teams, and coaches are available per division.
      • The second factor is ability. Evaluations are used to determine if a player is able to play up a division without a safety concern. If there are limited spots, a number of factors are used to determine which players move up. These include, but are not limited to, evaluation scores, registration dates, and coaching needs.
      • Lastly there are certain Little League restrictions that can come into play. For example, a league age 10 year old child may not play up in the Intermediate division (they would only be eligible to play up on Majors).
      • In order to play up, register for your eligible division as usual. In the registration form, add a request in the Special Request section to play up in the requested division.
  2. My child is signed up for the Intermediate Division, is he or she guaranteed a spot in the league.
    • Answer: Your child is guaranteed a spot in the league, but not in the Intermediate Division.
      • The Intermediate division is a try-out only division for 11-13 year old players. Not all players are selected to a team. For more information on the Intermediate Division refer to our Divisions of Play page.
      • If not selected, if your child is league age 13, he or she will be placed in Juniors. If your child is league age 11-12, he or she will be placed in Majors.
  3. If we live outside of your league boundaries can we still play in your league?
    • Answer: Generally no, but there are two exceptions:
      • Your child goes to a school that is in our boundaries.
        • In January 2014 Little League approved a boundary rule change allowing children to play in the same league as their classmates. You will need to provide proof of enrollment and we will apply for a waiver on your behalf. The following are acceptable proofs of enrollment.
        • Please send us email at to let us know this is the case.
      • You lived in our boundaries and moved away
        • Please let us know when you move and we will apply for a waiver on your behalf. As long as you have a child in our league in consecutive years, you will remain eligible to play in our league with the approved waiver.
        • Please send us email at to let us know this is the case.
  4. My child has requested to play up or is trying out for Intermediate, when will I find out if he makes it?
    • Answer: You will be informed in early March after the player draft by the Player Agent or your child's coach for the season.
  5. What is my child's league age?
  6. Can I request my player to be on the same team as another player?
    • Answer: We only support player-teammate requests for the Rookies division.  For all other divisions, the answer is no as players are drafted by coaches after player evaluations for the sake of creating equal competition and fair play.
    • Under rare circumstances do we make exceptions to this rule, please contact the for such requests. 
  7. I registered but why am I on a wait-list?
    • Answer: You can be placed on a wait list for two reasons
      • You live outside our estimated boundary. The website has an approximate league boundary that is generally more conservative than our actual boundary. This identifies cases we need to review for eligibility. Upon review if you live within our boundary, you will be removed from the wait-list (provided there are still spots available). If you do not live without our boundary but attend a school within our boundary, additional documentation will be requested. Once received, you will be removed from the wait-list (provided there are still spots available).
      • The division is full. In order to guarantee spots in the league and a reasonable number of players per team we estimate the number of players allowed in a given division and set a limit based on our resources. Many players initially placed on wait-lists will be moved into the league, but it is not always possible. Typically after evaluations the final number of teams will be confirmed. For more information on this process, read the next question as well.
  8. I am on a wait-list, what do I do next and what are my chances?
    • Answer: You should consider the following:
      • If you pay and are not placed on a team, you will be given a full refund.
      • You should plan to attend evaluations regardless if you are wait-listed or not.
      • After evaluations, players who have not paid required fees will be bumped from their spot for wait-listed players who have or will pay fees
      • The number of teams is not final until after Evaluations and the Intermediate teams are drafted. A team can be added just prior to the other division drafts if we have enough kids.
        • For instance, if there are 8 players on the wait-list and 4 teams with 12 players, if we can identify another coach we will create a 5th team and plan for 11 players each.
      • The can let you know how likely you are to get into the league. Of course after the draft date the percentage decreases significantly. The draft date is usually very early in March.
  9. Is my child on the same team as last year?
    • Answer: No, not automatically.
      • All teams above Rookies are redrafted each year. In some divisions like Juniors or Intermediate, it is possible there is only a single team; in which case they would return to the same team. In previous years in Majors players used to remain on the same team for two seasons. However, this caused issues with expansion, contraction, and general player mobility into and out of our program and league boundaries. To simply the process, rules, and ensure team by team equity, the CCLL Board has decided to redraft players in every division every year.
      • In the Rookies divisions, teams are assigned each year and it is possible to be on the same team.
  10. Can I request the same coach as last year?
    • Answer: No
      • Given all teams above Rookies are drafted, the coach must draft your child to be on the same team.
      • In the Rookies division, players are assigned to teams so you may have the same coach again.
  11. Can I request a coach exclusion?
    • Answer: You may request it with justification, though it is subjec to approval by the CCLL President, Player Agent, and division VP.
      • We realize that sometimes coaches, parents, and players don't always see eye to eye. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with your previous coach so there is no misunderstanding; your feedback is important to help coaches to grow and learn.
      • Keep in mind that this request may not be confidential from the coach. For example, if approved and if during the draft, the coach you requested to be excluded from selects your child, they will be asked to select another player.
      • You must request this every year and provide justification. Opinions, relationships, ability, and expectations change over time. There is no history kept of this information.
      • Send an email to or to make this request.
  12. Didn't find your question answered?
    • Refer to our more general Frequently Asked Questions page to see if it is answered there.
    • Many division questions can be answered by our Divisions of Play page
    • For All-Stars questions, refer to our All-Star page
    • If not, send email to for more information.